Why only mothers?

We focus exclusively on mother poverty and the economic disadvantage of mothers. Maternity with all the disadvantages starts for many women already during pregnancy. Almost all employers refrain from recruiting expectant mothers. Expectant fathers are not discriminated against. On the contrary, an expectant father is assumed a grown sense of responsibility. In summary, the free economy tends to have: motherhood disadvantaged or terminated careers, paternity promotes careers.

Of course, there are also single dads. Approximately 10 percent against about 90 percent single mothers! Most of the lone fathers take on this parenting task for only a few years. However, single motherhood is often considered from birth, very often very early and very often very, very long. A father with a child will usually find a supportive partner rather than a mother with a child a supportive new partner. Conditions and broad sections of society additionally fuel prejudice against mothers at work. Mothers are subject to high default risks. That is why they are less likely to be considered for leadership tasks. As a result, mothers at a young age often earn much less than not better skilled fathers.

When the kids are big, a woman in her best years is supposed to be old. Almost always – unlike men – too old to pursue a true career. Paradoxically, the opposite is true of men who died much earlier. The father of 50 or 60 years is often the ideal candidate for top management positions. He radiates competence with gray hair and prosperity.

In spite of these very clear circumstances one hears – in addition mothers at a disadvantage – again and again sayings, the men and fathers little sympathetically appropriate.

Those who still cannot or will not perceive the special, politically very much ignored discrimination of mothers, please inform yourself with various statistics. Poverty is female! Maternity is the biggest risk of poverty for women of all ages. This is proven by all statistics. By the way, nearly all single mothers are threatened not only with tragic and undeserved poverty, but also with a considerable impairment of their health. Just pay attention to it yourself. If you were a single parent for many years, you can usually see health impairments. Chronic health problems associated with poverty and old-age poverty are the regular wages in this rock-rich state for many women who secure their future.

Fathers are not rudely affected by the problem. And yet there are the rule-confirming exceptions. That is why we feel explicitly responsible for disadvantaged mothers (w / m). Fathers, who are actually disadvantaged like mothers, are called in here without being explicitly mentioned.

It is about time that the disadvantages of mothers and especially mother poverty are addressed and dismantled.

Because even if most people in our society do not believe it, the Basic Law (Germany) really says it under Article 6 (4).

“Every mother is entitled to the protection and care of the community.”

And because pictures say more than 1,000 words, here is a recent photo from the hometown of solidarity photographer Schleswig from September 2017, found in the “Schleswig news”: