International solidarity photos Dokumenta 14/Kassel

The biggest success to date has been at this year’s Documenta 14 in Kassel. Our photographer visited the World Art Exhibition even the first time, which only takes place every 5 years in Kassel, and is therefore accepted with high caliber from around the world. She came out lost in wonder. Art you can really call art. Art that skillfully addresses almost all the focal points of our world. Pure cosmopolitanism of all visitors. Everyone speaks to everyone.

We photographed for the pre-opening on 08.06.2017, on the occasion of the official opening on 10.06.2017 and on further sporadic visits later. In each case, we felt welcome, understood and literally secure in this creative world community.

THANK YOU for the wonderful experiences, encounters, inspirations for all involved in this event. THANK YOU for the great support inside and outside for our solidarity photos.

By the way, everywhere it was read in all languages: “WE (ALL) ARE THE PEOPLE! Participation issues were treated very intensively in all imaginable variants of art. In addition the temple of the 100,000 forbidden books. Never before we felt as close to the unifying spirit of an event as in Kassel.

Here are our solidarity photos during the DOKUMENTA in Kassel 2017:

Part 2 was photographed at the end of the DOKUMENTA. The temple was almost completed by now. The second part of the photos also follows here at the end.